Collection 2

Back to the Roots

This collection is dedicated to historical past and present of my home country.
I need to say, that the concept of this collection came into my mind after visiting Brazil.
There I understood how important for us, Belarussians, to know who we are. This is an attempt to search a place for authentic values in present.

I would like to remember a short story heard from one Brazilian mathematician, it does not need to be true, it is just romantic.
– …There was a time, when Brasil was nothing more than a beach under the sun. There were reach people, successfull businessmen, but country did not have face… And then the country was headed with a leader who said: “Brasil is: samba, football, carnival!”. That how Brasil was boarn in the way we recognise it now.“Pure wisiness!” – I thought. The ideology of a great country is not just a boring, lame thing which YOU MUST respect. An idea of all country lives in every little thing so naturally, so that you will never forget, who you are!
And I asked myself, what what is Belarus for me? The answer came imidiatelly… I remembered Kupala selebration on summer Solice with songs which make the blood boil, with pagan fire rising up to the sky, smell of hearbs, forest, taste of language and magnificent dramatism, pain and fame of history… “That what we should we remember… That what I must express!