I continously reflect on the enigma of human perception and the art’s ability to convey the state of mind and metamorphose a creator into the one who looks at the artwork. My goal is to awaken the subconscious, even conflicting feelings in the viewer, to encourage him to ask questions while gazing at the artwork.

Looking at the fine arts also as a researcher, I have been experimenting with different media, styles and concepts, scaling a degree of figurativism and pure abstraction in artworks. I arrived at the point of evolving and formalizing my own art concept, as the aesthetics, which I see, have not been furthered enough.

Since 2018, I got exposure in the international surrealist art community, followed by membership in annual shows like «Surrealism Now», which features artists from more than 80 countries all over the world. In 2019, my artworks were displayed, in group exhibitions, in Beijing, Coimbra, London, Minsk, Paris, Tel Aviv.

The development of my own style was stirred up to find the best methods to initiate a dialog between the artist and the viewer and create an environment of trust for emotional feedback. Inspired by the early works of Piet Mondrian and Giorgio Morandi, I am simplifying the art approaches, while maintaining the emotional intensity and interaction with the viewer.