Collection 1

Space Perception

This set of artworks is about the happiness of being a human, sensorially researching the world outside and inside the personality. Taking inspiration from nature, cosmology, philosophy, ancient and medieval history, pre-religious traditions, I believe in the infinity of things to discover towards your harmonious integration with the world: forces of nature, emotional juices, perception abilities, rationalism, your own ardour and the powerful flows of the subconscious… Probably that’s why the artworks are full of nature’s breath, enigma and romantism.

“<…> the artist unveils a pictural universe filled with romanticism. At the edge of abstract and figurative, she depicts a nature with surrealist colors and invites to discover aery landscapes. A feeling of unfinished gives the observer the possibility to be overwhelmed by his own emotion while contemplating the artwork.” summarizes, in depth, Emmanuelle Volage regarding my romantic minimalism.

When objects, figurative storytelling and even lines are disappearing a viewer becomes a creator. I am keeping the references with forms, textures and colours of nature, filling up an artwork with the smell of a fog in the forest, autumn frost… However none of my “abstract landscapes” is about wildlife itself, it is rather about some state of mind, feelings, hardly representable with words… It is always a game of compromise between harmony and dynamism, comfort and wonder in colour and composition.